About the museum

In the War Museum visitors will experience the period 1935-1945, from the rise of National Socialism till the liberation of Europe, step by step. The heart of the Museum is formed by real life dioramas, where visitors can experience all senses of the War.

The diaramas in the museum give an impression of several important events:

The German invasion of Holland
The occupation period
The Jewish prosecution
The allied landings on the Normandy beaches.
Operation Market Garden, the allied rise to Arnhem.
The Ardennes offensive, the German contra attack.
The V1 (flying bomb) lift off from Nijverdal.
The liberation of Nijverdal by the Canadians.

It is also possible to take place in a German bunker as during the invasion of the Norman beaches. You can then experience being hidden in a shelter. Also the liberation can be celebrated together with the Canadians on one of the streets in Nijverdal.